Thursday, August 19, 2004

Back to school. Some training starts this week, with school next week.

I should have some interesting tales from the training (training to teach a freshman writing class - you know: the class that the tenured faculty refuse to teach, so they make the underpaid grad students and adjunct faculty do it instead).

In the meantime: Check out this article about the legalization of pot (marijuana) in Alaska:,2933,129495,00.html

Whoever wrote that article has no idea about the history of pot in Alaska. This article makes this sound like this idea of legalizing marijauna in Alaska is something new. It isn't.

In fact, UNTIL 1992 POT WAS LEGAL in Alaska. A person could have 4 oz. for their own personal use. In 1992, voters in Alaska overwhelmingly approved a measure making marijuana illegal. In 2003 a superior court judge in Alaska overturned the voter approved measure, but his overturning of the law won't go into effect until the Alaska Supreme Court hears the case (I think. The news reports on this were somewhat vauge).

I'm fairly sure if this makes it on the ballot, the voters will still support keeping pot illegal in Alaska.

But when have the courts ever cared about what the voters think?

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Not much to report, as I am still working 16 hour days. Next week I will have returned to my graduate program, so I should have lots to report on then. I'm going to try to post something between now and leaving Alaska, but no promises.

Meanwhile, check out the new link on the sidebar for - I'm registered there as "The English Major." I haven't posted there (yet) - but I plan to once I return to the lower 48 (as we Alaskans call the 48 contiguous states - and I hate it when people call them the "continental United States" since Alaska is part of the North American continent. I know people think its off the coast of California because of unfortunate map placements, but Alaska is on the dang continent and is 2 and a half times the size of Texas!).

Hmm - oh, yeah. Looks like an interesting place for young conservatives (of all stripes) to hang out and discuss current events. I can't promise it will change your life, but it looks promising.

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