Saturday, July 10, 2004

As I have said, I am in Alaska right now.

Here is an interesting news story.

Why? Well, basically this election in Homer was a mandate from the voters. The measure was approved by almost 60 percent of voters. This election wasn't even close.

The results had barely been certified when the opponents of the measure (who were, by and large, from the liberal side of the aisle) began talking lawsuit.

Homer is a very small town, but this is reflective liberals everywhere. Voters can't be trusted. Judges must decide everything, because they are apparently more enlightened about what the results of the elections should have been.

Liberals can't win at the ballot box, so they try and win (and far too often they succeed) in the courts.

If liberals controlled America, there would obviously be no need for elections, since they would already know how voters SHOULD vote, and since voters have proven to be so dumb as to actually vote for conservative measures occasionally .........

My prediction: Bush will win the election, but the 9th circuit court of appeals will declare the results invalid because voters were unaware that Bush had lied to them about Iraq.

I'm half joking. But only half. (well, more like 53.783 percent joking).

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