Saturday, March 03, 2007

I'm done with this blog.

I'm still going to be posting at the comic book blog, but there are three reasons why I don't want to continue this blog:

1. Dissertation. That speaks for itself. It needs to get done.

2. I'm sick of partisan bickering, and I've decided blogs like this were I complain about stuff is not part of the solution - instead it just feeds the flames.

3. I've moved on, and have decided I could care less if I get a teaching job at a college or university, because I've decided the entire system is so flawed as to be laughable. Instead, I'm going to pursue other career options for an PhD in English. Well, there may not be many, but I'm a reasonably resourceful guy, so I figure I can do it. And I may still wind up as a professor eventually.

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