Wednesday, April 28, 2004

A lot of bloggers are commenting on
this story.

I wonder if the Secret Service is bound to investigate every threat to the President's life - because I hear at least once a week (sometimes daily) wishes that someone would assassinate Bush.

Most of my colleagues, when I have asked, say that they would never advocate killing Bush, and they just hope that ol' "Shrub" is voted out of office (or impeached) - but, it would be nice (they say with a wistful look in their eyes) if someone were to kill the bastard?

I have a new tip for the Secret Service - investigate the English faculty of all the major Universities!
Rather than waste your time on immature 15 year olds, investigate immature thirty and forty somethings.

Of course, in my more cynical moments I might think the 15 year old has more influence on the "real" world than the increasingly irrelevant English profs who are radicalizing themselves out of any possible sphere of influence.

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